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We offer Gear Cutting only to your pre machined blanks or we can manufacture Gears from a drawing or reverse engineer from your broken samples.

We can manufacture & replace many OEM parts from all of the world & in most cases to a higher quality and we can provide modifications to the component if desired.

We also manufacture standard off the shelf spur gears and bevel gears, Call us with your requirements, and we can usually make these standard parts within a few days. The advantage of coming to WA Gears for standard stock gears is we can make the gears out of better than standard materials such as 4140 etc. WA Gears also repair and recondition Gear Boxes and Geared Pumps.

Splined Connector Bushes

Hardened & Ground Helical Compressor Gears

Offshore Winch Slew Gear and Pinions

Quad Sprocket

Straight Bevel Gearsets

Anchor Winch Gears

Herringbone Gear

1.4 Metre gear for BHP Steel

Radar Positioning Gears

Planet gear Hardened and ground for
planetary gear box reducer


Hardened gear and bronze chuck for
underground drill rig

Dough Mixer Helical Gears

Drill Rig Gears

Drill Rig Splined spindles

Drill Head Gears

Splined Components

Spline Hobbing

Typres of Gears made at WA Gears:

- Spur - Internal Splines
- Helical - Worms
- Herringbone - Worm Gears
- External Splines - Racks
- Sprockets - Straight Bevels
- Spiral Bevels - Planetary
- Hardened & Tooth ground gears  

(Please call us for exact capacity limits as we are always installing new equipment.)

We manufacture gears in a range of materials such as
- High Tensile Alloy Steels, EG:  4140, 4340, EN25 & EN26.
- Case Hardening Steels , EG: 8620, EN36A & 4317
- Bronzes for Worm Gears, and nylon.

Track Wheels with Gears Bolted together

Multi Speed Drilling Rig Gears

10 Module Gears with Taperlock bore

Gear Hobbing a Helical Gear

Double Helical Tramway Gears

Angular Spiral Bevels for Milling Machine

Input Shaft for Planetary Gearbox

Bronze Worm Gears

Planetary Hub Gears

Boring & Keywaying Couplings

Colchester Lathe Gears

Gear Grinding

London Court Clock Gears

Planetary Pin Grinding

Rotation Head Gears and Spindles

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