To whom it may concern:

“ This Company, Compressed Air Repairs & Equipment (CARE), have been utilizing the services of WA Gears for several years now, in the main they have manufacturing hardened gear sets, Helical & straight cut, along with spline drive shafts.

Having had dealings with many such companies in the past, I have found WA Gear’s approach to quality and customer service to be exemplary.

The quality of the finished product is excellent, and the delivery is always on time, and technical assistance is readily provided if required.

I have complete faith in the product supplied by WA Gears, therefore I can highly recommend them to anyone whom may require there services.”
Mr Ian Rennie

To whom it may Concern:

WA Gears has been providing Brevini Australia with precision engineered components, custom made gears and engineering services for a number of years now and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone requiring precision machining, splining, gear cutting or other engineering services.
WA Gears commitment to their customers has proved exemplary to this company and , on occasions when night time or weekend work has been necessary, nothing has been to much trouble. A recent example of this was the urgent need for a precision bearing spacer for a mine site at Brockman. WA Gears mobilised their staff on a Sunday morning, at very short notice, and we had the completed component the same afternoon.
This has only been one example of WA Gears ability to react when the need is great. They have achieved similar results in similar circumstances on a good number of occasions in the past.
On every occasion, the quality of their workmanship has been superb. I would be happy to speak to anyone with questions regarding WA Gears at any time.

Mr Peter Southern
WA State Manager
Brevini Australia Pty Ltd.

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